Monday, June 16, 2008

Apparently (a few) people are suddenly reading this blog. Coincidentally, I also happen to have something to ask of you. The images that accompany this post represent where a great deal of my efforts have been focused of late. This is a photo of my Electric Motor mounted in my soon-to-be electric car. Said car was "ready" for a preliminary test-run about three weeks ago, but I've had something of a fiasco with the motor controller, the end result of which is that two identical controllers are now en route back to their manufacturers having proven themselves to be essentially very expensive door-stops. That said, as soon as my refund processes, I'll be going with a more mainstream brand and getting the thing under way, so I'm pretty excited. Now, for the question: I've always wondered what I wanted to be when I grew up. Sadly, now that its happened, I still don't know. I've thought of going back to school for industrial design. I've thought of trying to be an entrepreneur of some sort or of trying to make the monsters that you see in movies. The writing is on the wall at work that perhaps its time for me to seek a better job. I know there are a bazillion careers out there that I've never even heard of, so I thought I should ask you: the reader(s). In light of the following interests and weaknesses, and knowing what you do about me, what careers would you suggest I look into?

Interests, Skills and Talents

  1. Drawing (Portraiture, anatomy, wildlife, etc.)

  2. Sculpting.

  3. Digital Photography.

  4. Reading.

  5. Writing (Fiction, Grammar, Spelling, editing, etc.)

  6. Design.

  7. Learning.

  8. Variety.

  9. Freedom to innovate.

  10. History.

  11. Mechanics.

  12. Electronics.

  13. Sound Engineering.

  14. Video Editing and Production.

  15. Cinematography.

  16. 3D Computer modeling and animation.

  17. Computer Skills.

  18. Mechanical and Electronic Repair (including computers).

  19. Working in groups (outgoing and extroverted).

  20. Public speaking and teaching.

  21. Humor/entertaining.

  22. Creativity & Thinking skills.

  23. Fabrication of unique objects.

  24. Philanthropy.

  25. Leadership.

Dislikes & Weaknesses

  1. Formulaic Mathematics.

  2. Formulaic Chemistry (These two would probably preclude most engineering degrees).

  3. Excessive repetition.

  4. Irate Clients.

  5. Rushing/unreasonable deadlines.

  6. Not having time to do my best or to complete a project.

Thanks for reading (if you did).

Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm not posting much at the moment because I'm busy being a Dad and making an electric car. Details at 11. . .