Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another post that just isn't funny.

I'm concerned about Homosexuality today. I imagine a lot of people are. JK Rowling, billionaire author of the Best-Selling Harry Potter Series of Children's books recently announced that Albus Dumbledore is, in fact, "gay." To paraphrase a very wise man, a person is doing themselves a tremendous disservice by choosing their sexual orientation as the defining attribute of their personality. To orient one's entire life around a mere fraction of their being is, in my opinion, not to live at all.

Having said that, I'm glad Mrs. Rowling chose not to make Dumbledore's "orientation" a point of focus in her series. On the other hand, to "out" the character now, AFTER the majority of her book sales have been accomplished, smacks of a "take the money and run" scam. Just try returning that seventh book 3 months after purchase and see what sort of reaction you get, hmmm? It's as if, as I mentioned below, many people cannot fathom that there might be reasons beyond bigotry and/or fanaticism that would drive one to disapprove of the practice of homosexuality. I don't believe the author, based on her remarks at the venue where she made said announcement, feels any remorse at further alienating the extreme right-wing "Christian" zealots who had probably already banned her books from their homes out of a sheer need to hate something and feel righteous about it (and don't give me this rubbish about attracting kids to witchcraft, etc. Kids have been pretending to be "magic" for thousands of years. No one says this about George Lucas's "Force," do they?).

The comments I've read on a few internet forums seem to follow the assumption that Albus Dumbledore is somehow real and made this decision long ago of his own accord. This places Rowling in the position of chronicler rather than inventor. Lets not forget that every-single-thing that "occurred" in these books did so because JK Rowling decided that she would write it that way. This is not history, it's fiction. I think the present tendency for those who suffer from Homosexual feelings to identify their "selves" as a Gay person stems from Hollywood's mantra that life is about personal sexual gratification. Hence, sex is the object of our existence and any deviance (or "individuality") experienced therein must color every aspect of a person. This, I suspect, is why some persons with Homosexual tendencies feel the need to announce their sexual habits to the world through a dress code of sorts and easily identifiable mannerisms. I've even seen a number of posters arguing the supremacy of Homosexuals over "Heterosexual White Males," who seem to be the "new bad guy." We may say we're much more tolerant now that we were in the 60's, but I think we've simply switched targets, and guess what: I'm it.

That said, before you denounce me as a bigoted, let me also assert that I would be every bit as disappointed if Rowling had announced that Dumbledore had simply been a philanderer as a young man, or even that he had had sex out of wedlock and never felt that it was wrong. The bottom line is that there are still people, however silenced they have become, who reject the idea that sex is free, without consequences and/or to be practiced under any old circumstances.

The irony that occurs to me in this stream-of-consciousness rant, is that, as one who believes in an intelligent creator, and as one who opposes the practice and/or legitimization of Homosexuality, my views are opposed to those who tend to argue for many Gay "rights" and/or the idea that Darwin's theory is absolute fact (do not make the assumption here that I do not believe in evolution of any kind, I simply believe that Darwin's model has flaws). I would love to see the two ideologies reconciled: Darwinism and Homosexuality. According to Darwin's model (not according to me), Homosexual's must be "unfit" for survival by virtue of the fact that they cannot biologically produce offspring and will therefore eliminate themselves from the gene pool. We truly live in strange times.